Our food menu boasts from having imported and local ingredients as well as the creation of daily different flavors for your taste and pleasure. Whether you’re looking for something new and exotic or for something that reminds you of the comforts of how ‘mom used to make it’.    Mi casa es su casa


Tortilla soupSOUPS                 $6

Tortilla soup      Veggie
Tomatoes based soup with spices and then added tortilla strips, sour cream,
mozarella cheese and avocado. Vegetarian or add chicharrón (pork rinds).

Soup of the day



TACOS            $3.50 ea         3 pc     $9Tacos callejeros

etables or Beef
     3 soft corn tortilla filled with baked vegetables or beef. Ask for the “Taco of the day”

2 soft corn tortilla filled with mozzarella cheese and baked Vegetables.


                              PANINI         $9

Athens            Veg
    Sautéed peppers, caramelized onions, feta cheese and
lettuce served on kalamata olive bread.Panini

Vancouver       Veg
    Caramelized onions, baked vegetables, goat cheese
and tomatoes on a white bread.

Santiago          Veg
    Fresh tomatoes, lettuce, feta cheese and creamy pesto
sauce on a white bread.

    Italian prosciutto, tomatoes, onion, havarti cheese, lettuce on a rosemary infused bread.
    Sausage, red onion, artichokes, red peppers, swiss cheese, pesto sauce and lettuce on multigrain

    Spicy capicola ham, prosciutto, salami, tomatoes, avocado lettuce and onion on multigrain bread.
    Turkey breast or ham, swiss cheese, tomatoes and red onion on a white bread.
    Sausage, ham, prosciutto, lettuce and swiss cheese with chipotle-mayo on a white bread.
Grilled cheese  $6, mozzarella cheese on sourdhoug bread

Smoothie                                  DRINKS
Espresso        $3                            Latte                         $4
Capuccino     $4                             Mocka                       $4
Smoothie       $4                             Home made juice       $4
Pop             $2.25                          Water                         $2
Fully Licensed
Tres leches cake   $3.50                       Cinnamon roll       $2.50
Chocolate cake     $3.50